Jörg Sommer

Pipe systems for trenchless pipe and sewer rehabilitation using pipe  bursting and TIP method


Jacking pipe systems from Da 140 to Da 950 mm for sewer renewal and Da 1200 mm for pressure pipe renewal, as well as customized solutions for various installation methods. These include adapted nominal widths with tensile strength connections or restrained push-fit systems for HDD, pilot pipe jacking, burst lining, the TIP method or pressure pipe liners for the Dyntec method. Pipe systems for pilot pipe jacking up to Da 630 mm and 100 m installation lengths.



Jörg Sommer studied civil engineering, specialising in urban water management. In 1999, he joined TRACTO as a sales engineer for trenchless rehabilitation methods, where he developed the TIP method for the trenchless rehabilitation of sewer pipes in 2002. Since 2007, Jörg Sommer has been working in the pipe industry as a business development and sales engineer for trenchless installation methods and, in this capacity, has been working for SIMONA AG in the area of pipe rehabilitation since 2018.


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